A blast from the past - new retro inspired tumblers


Best all around tumbler out right now. The ceramic lid gives the perfect mouth feel. I "LOVE" it!

Joi W.

Excellent Product. We love our new elemental bottles! They look sleek, keep water cold, and printed really well!

Robin F.

Beautiful. The colors are perfect and the wooden bamboo cap brings a cool look to our logo.

Candice H.



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What Makes a Water Bottle Eco Friendly?

What Makes a Water Bottle Eco Friendly?

Humans certainly aren’t doing the earth any favors with all the pollution and waste that we produce. Thankfully, many of us are recognizing the need for a positive change in our lifestyle to help reduce this damaging effect on our planet home. One of the ways we can take care of the ecosystem is being more aware of the products we use and the containers...

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Hydration for the Non-Athlete

Hydration for the Non-Athlete

Athletes know the importance of making sure to stay hydrated. With the amount of physical activity that they participate in and the sheer amount of sweat that pours off their body, replenishing is essential. But what about non-athletes? What role does hydration play in the life of an office worker or a stay at home mom? Let's uncover the importance of hydration for regular people. If...

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What Makes a Reusable Face Mask Effective

What Makes a Reusable Face Mask Effective

Let's talk about what it takes for a face mask to be effective. Is it the material? Is it the fit? Is it the construction?

The answer is yes, yes, and yes.

But what material and how should it fit and how should it be constructed? In this post, we're going to explain these three features that make a reusable face mask effective in protecting those around you and yourself.

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