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Best all around tumbler out right now. The ceramic lid gives the perfect mouth feel. I "LOVE" it!

Joi W.

Excellent Product. We love our new elemental bottles! They look sleek, keep water cold, and printed really well!

Robin F.

Beautiful. The colors are perfect and the wooden bamboo cap brings a cool look to our logo.

Candice H.



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Show Your Gratitude with Sustainable Living

Show Your Gratitude with Sustainable Living

For many of us, clean drinking water isn’t something we give a second thought to. It’s simply there – running from the faucet, stored in the refrigerator, displayed along with hundreds of other cases of bottled water in the grocery store. If you wake up thirsty in the middle of the night, the worst part of getting a glass of water is climbing out of your...

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Water Bottle Lid With an Internal Strainer

Water Bottle Lid With an Internal Strainer

You know the expression "what's in a name." It carries the idea that your name can never fully capture the full meaning of who you are. And the same goes for the lid of our new 20 oz water bottle. 

It might be a lid, but it does much more than that. But it's a lid... "Isn't it just there to keep the contents from spilling out?" you might ask.

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