about us

Hydration is fundamental to survival and daily performance. With at least 60% of the body made of water, it’s a basic element of who we are. With an active life style, we know how important hydration is to our performance. But as a professional, carrying a clunky plastic water bottle just doesn’t seem right. We didn't want a container that would only carry our beverage but rather communicate our style. Just like our attire, we wanted a bottle that communicated confidence, personality, and power. Maintaining hydration shouldn't require sacrificing any of these.


You need a bottle that is an extension of who you are just as much as the watch on your wrist or the glasses on your face. You need a bottle that transitions from office to outdoor without looking out of place in either setting.

We created Elemental bottles to be more than just a water bottle - Elemental bottles are an extension of your identity. Whether at the office, the gym, the campsite, or on the trail, Elemental bottles communicate confidence and personal style. 


Hydration is Elemental to who you are. Whether drinking something ice cold or piping hot, drink from a bottle that communicates who you are.